Feeding your Writing and Library Field Trips

Susan Violante Managing Editor

Recently, I decided to visit our new Central Library downtown in Austin. It had been a while since I had been to one since I spend most of my time in my home office or should I say ‘Cave.’  But after spending half a day in the library something clicked within, in such a way that I can no longer live as a recluse. Since then I have committed to work from a library at least once a week. Here are some benefits of breaking away from the home office desk and venturing into a library to write.

  • Creative Juices Recharge – The only way to describe what happened to my brain when I explored the shelves is to imagine sleeping beauty waking up from years of sleeping! I could not write fast enough all of the new ideas and directions I could apply to my own projects whether directly to my manuscripts or their marketing! By being reclusive I was missing out on the benefit of other brains to the point of having my brain on a constant loop revisiting the same old ideas.
  • Energy Recharge – By being always within the walls of my writing cave I was also missing out on others’ energy. Just by sitting among other minds at work I felt motivated to work on my projects, was energized as my passion levels for my story boomed and for the first time in a long time, I lost track of time!
  • Routine Enrichment – Having a weekly field trip to the library scheduled has given me something to look forward to in my routine. It has been surprising to me how much it has increased my motivation and productivity as I strive to get things done to make sure I can work on research, writing or any other task for my own projects; or simply explore the shelves for new reads.

Contrary to the myth of being glamorous, the life of a writer is an isolating and lonely one…especially now as we do more promotional work and platform building on the internet. So as authors we sometimes fall into the reclusion trap and find ourselves in a looping plateau. By working in the library some of the time, we can connect to the literary world and feed from it. What are you waiting for? Feed your writing!

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