Susan Violante Managing Editor

Authors who want to sell books must take on the holiday season. There are so many options available during the busiest shopping season of the year to sell books and build customer connections. Below are some tips to cash in on a fun holiday season.

Plan Ahead. The more time you give yourself, the more ideas you can come up with and the more you can refine them, so they will be effective during the holiday season. Planning ahead is crucial especially for holiday events. Christmas art and craft shows begin the vendor application process about two months before the event takes place. They also require a vendor fee, so planning and budgeting ahead is necessary. But the author can also organize other type events during the holiday season like appearances on open mikes, book signings, speaking events…etc., all of which require booking and planning.  For Fall book launches, remember pre-publication PR campaigns are a must!

Participate in Holiday Entertainments. If you’ve written a children’s book, you might get yourself a booth at the mall when Santa is there so your target audience of children sees you. If you can find an open mike holiday event, such as a poetry reading, go and read from your book so people hear it and want to buy it. Is your downtown area having a special holiday shopping night? Then ask one of the store owners if you can sell your books that night in the store.

Donate Books for Christmas Fundraisers. Christmas is the season of giving. So why not give copies of your books to local charity events, church bazaar, local Toys for Tots or other book drives, charity auctions or anything else that offers your book a chance in the spotlight. Remember that you can also offer to make an appearance at any event where you donated books.  If you volunteer with any holiday fundraiser, remember to keep copies of your book in your card, and book cards in your pocket. You never know, other volunteers might be looking for the perfect gift and your book might be it! So, don’t be shy and let yourself be known to others who already have the volunteer work in common with you!

Don’t Forget to Offer Holiday Specials. If you attend a Christmas craft show, make a sign announcing you have an “Exclusive Show Special” and offer a discounted price for your book, or better yet, if you have several books, offer a “Buy Two, Get the Third Free” or other package-type deal. Don’t forget your website! Offer specials and send out emails to your readers, plus post messages on Facebook and other social media sites where you can reach your online readers to let them know you have a special limited time offer.

Remember to be cheerful and festive and friendly, because when you connect with people at holiday events they are usually in a joyful mood and when you imagine people tearing open wrapping paper to discover your book under their Christmas trees, it can be quite an invigorating experience.


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