A Reader’s Guide to Christmas Shopping

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com
Skyler Boudreau Editorial Contributor

Gift shopping for any occasion can be a stressful experience. Throw in the month of December, with all number of crazy deals, and any shopper can become overwhelmed. What do you have to buy? What have you already bought? Do you even need that random item? Probably not, but it’s 50% off, so you’ll buy it anyway.

If you’re an avid reader or book lover, you might already have a problem with buying books when your shelves are overflowing and your To Be Read pile is spilling across the floor. But what happens when you need to find a gift for a fellow reader? Someone who has read everything you have and or already owns every book you would want to recommend to them? No need to worry! I’m here to help with four holiday gift ideas to get you started!

 Monthly Subscription Boxes

Monthly subscription boxes are literally the gifts that keep on giving. If you purchase a subscription to any of the thousands available online, each month your reader will receive an exciting package in the mail filled with books and surprise goodies. There are a number of themed subscription boxes to explore beyond book-themed ones as well. From snacks to stationary, there’s a one out there for everyone!

Book Ends

Both practical and decorative, with a new set of bookends, you can help your reader organize their book hoard!

Custom Bookmarks

There are plenty of websites and specialty shops that you can order customized bookmarks from. You can, of course, make them yourself as well! Include one of your reader’s favorite quotes, a line from a book that they love, anything that you know they will love to see when closing a book and marking their place. Custom bookmarks are a great way of expressing a little of your own creativity too.


Some readers like to relax and enjoy a cup of tea with their book. Others consume caffeine at superhuman levels to stay up late and finish “just one more chapter.” Regardless of which beverage your reader prefers, they’re sure to love a new mug to add to their collection (which probably rivals the size of their book hoard)!

Once you start shopping for your reader, you’ll quickly find that there are hundreds of bookish gift ideas out there just waiting to be discovered. Whether you prefer to prowl the Internet or stalk through the aisles of a store in person, there’s no need to let the holiday shopping stress get to you this season!

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