Getting Your Promotional Ducks in a Row for 2019

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Susan Violante Managing Editor

If you are like me, the beginning of the year is filled with enthusiasm and new projects, and that’s great! But is that also great when the project is the publishing of your new book? Maybe not so much…If we begin the planning of our new title at the start of the year then the book will most likely come out towards the second half of the year. That isn’t bad, but planning before the new year begins, the groundwork for promoting will be done by the time the book is out. And that is better!

Here are some things authors should figure out before sending the final, professionally edited manuscript to production:

  • ARC Copies Ready for a List of Book Reviewers. If, in the PR Campaign plans you have included book reviews by Publisher Weekly and other printed media, you have to consider their deadlines for submission which can be anywhere between 6 to 3 months before publication. Having endorsements for the back cover also takes time. Having these figured out and ready to go at the beginning of the year will make the book promotion more effective.
  • Book Publicity Campaign Plan Worked Out. Before the year starts it is also wise to have a list of events and an online platform worked out so that you can begin scheduling your book signings, tours, and interviews with the venues and media list you put together based on the genre and topic of the book and its audience.
  • A Press Kit and List of local Bookstores and Libraries. Publishing a book and not hitting your local stores and libraries makes no sense. So have everything ready to go and send the kit with an ARC giving them all the information on when it comes out, as well as your contact information. Make sure you have the right person as your point-of-contact before sending the package out. This will make it easy to call for follow-ups later on and to try to get in for a book signing or speaking events.

In short, before the beginning of the year, putting all your ducks in a row can make the difference on PR and sales, as having the extra time ahead of the publication will give authors an edge to create momentum.

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