Celebrating Another Year of Service to Indie Authors

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Susan Violante Managing Editor

When I came aboard, Reader Views had four years of helping authors under their belt. Since then, many things have happened – some devastating like the loss of my friend and mentor who founded Reader Views, Irene Watson. Others life-changing and fulfilling, like when I took over Reader Views under Book By Book Publicity. This year, the 13th year of Reader Views (lucky number in Italy), marked for us another level of service as Sheri Hoyte joined me as partner after four years as book reviewer, social media manager and editor.

2018 was a year of growth, realized goals, and changes. Our logs show the total number of books reviewed in the 20K bracket!  As we enter 2019, we are filled with more goals, more plans, new reviewers and renewed passion but always with the same mission of helping Indie Authors get their books out there by reviewing books, building platform foundations and online PR.

It amazes me how far we’ve come from the early days when I took over. It was scary and sad for the circumstances but as time went by I could feel excited about keeping Reader Views afloat and making it grow. Some of the challenges felt overwhelming, like the time we had to take down the site due to a virus attack. Somehow, we made the tragic event work to our advantage and changed the entire system to make it not only safer but also current in design and efficient on the back end, which helped us to keep costs down and thus prices down. Since the scary times through growing pains we have grown to 25 adult reviewers for Reader Views and 20 kids for Reader Views Kids.

We now offer a whole line of Publicity services under the Book By Book Publicity brand from our signature Publicity Packages, Book Video productions, Podcast Service, Press Kits and Press Releases to new services like Book Translations to and from Spanish and Italian, Book Editing in English and Spanish, Manuscript Analysis, Consulting On the Go, and many more. We have converted the librarian catalog to a magazine-catalog hybrid. Click here to check out First Chapter Plus Magazine.  We also have been able to continue the Reader Views Literary Awards with very little fee increases while adding more categories to better fit the different genres of the participants. We have also extended the deadline to December 31st to accommodate books published in December. If you wish to submit your book, click here.

Our plans for 2019 include the launch of our I Have Something to Say Press publishing packages, a collaboration package with a librarian for children books, optimization of our system and social media campaigns for better results, and so many other things…so stay in touch through our newsletter for updates!

We want to thank you, the reader and supporter, for sticking with us, using our services, and telling others about us.  Everything we do is for you! This will be the last editorial for this year as the office will close for the Holidays. Sheri and I will still be processing submissions, checking emails, and reading a lot through the holidays so keep in touch!

May 2019 bring you much success, not only in the publishing industry but in all your ventures, both business and personal.  Like our founder Irene would say “Expecting miracles to happen result in miracles happening.  We see an abundance of miracles for you!”

We’d like to hear from you.  Please let us know how we are doing or comment on this newsletter on ideas on how we can help to get your book out there!


  1. We were saddened about our loss of Irene. We think of her often. Pete and I are thrilled to know you and Sheri. You both have done an amazing job! We appreciate all your hard work and dedication. We look forward to 2019 with you. Merry Christmas!
    Pete and Carol Hoyer

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  2. Aww, thanks, Carol! We are so grateful for all the reading and reviewing you have done for us over the years! We also enjoyed the opportunity to read Pete’s book, “Characters on the Green” and had such a fun time interviewing him on Inside Scoop Live! Thanks so much for your support – we look forward to another year of great reading ahead! Merry Christmas! Susan and Sheri


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