Navigating the Internet to Find Your Audience

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Susan Violante Managing Editor

When I freelanced during the 1990s, the Internet was not what it is today, so most of the research for my articles and short stories came from visits to the local libraries, face to face interviews, and the news. Currently, a writer can do most if not all their research from their own office. For the prolific writer this is a game changer – but, using the internet only to research for your writing is not going to help them get their articles, books or blogs to their audience. In order to get your work out to the right audience a lot of thought and research is needed to determine who will be interested in the topics and stories you are working on. Luckily, we can also do that from our office these days! Below are some tips on how to navigate the Internet to find your audience:

·         Brainstorm – This first step is the key. No one knows better than you what your work is about, so it is up to you to find all the possible angles embedded within your topic or story. You can begin with the general genre or topic and break that down to sub-topics, age group, specific interest groups…etc. For example, my first book “Innocent War” is a Historical Fiction book, based on my father’s tapes documenting his childhood, and coming of age memories growing up during WWII in Libya and Sicily. From there I can come up with the following marketing angles: Fiction, Historical Fiction, WWII Stories, Memoirs, WWII Memoirs, Coming of Age, YA, Teen, War, Military, History, Father-Daughter Relationship, PTSD, older people from that era…etc., just to name a few…

·         Niche Marketing Strategizing – This second step is also a must. Once you find angles for your work you can pinpoint marketing targets, and platforms where to promote your work. For example: under “Innocent War”  angles I  can target Military, Italians WWII buffs, Memoirs, YA, Teens, Family, ….etc. I can also market on different platforms such as Veterans Organizations, WWII Museums gift shops, History Magazines and Channels, Libraries and Bookstores in the History department, as well as Memoir department, Historical Fiction department, Teen and YA. As well as High Schools and College Libraries and their History departments, Italian Clubs, Italian Restaurants,, AARP…etc. All these places can be reached via an email, by commenting on their Blogs, Magazines, and their websites. You can even advertise on these sites for better fees than on printed media.

Persistence and Follow Up – Once you have found your audience and established contact and relations with different platforms, all you need to do is keep at it. You can create an automatic marketing system through Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft, Constant Contact or any other marketing system that matches your needs and budget. But don’t forget to follow up and keep personal contact with your audience via your blog page or any other types of virtual interactions such as podcast interviews, articles published in e-magazines and other newsletters, or blog tours and social media appearances.

Yes, it takes time but without investing your time and your budget wisely on promotion and marketing, all your writing and publishing effort and investment will be in vain.

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