Special Announcement: New Service for Picture Book Authors!

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Sheri Hoyte Managing Editor
Sheri Hoyte
Managing Editor

Hi All,

We wanted to share our exciting news!- Reader Views Kids and the Barefoot Librarian are collaborating on a new service for picture book authors with a unique opportunity to create a buzz about their books.

Taken from our press release:

Reader Views Kids teams up with the Barefoot Librarian, to create a new opportunity for picture book authors through the Librarian Picture Book Publicity Package.  Featuring an extensive array of publicity services, this new package not only provides picture book authors with an experienced book review from a librarian; it also maximizes exposure on their networks through special social media postings, advertising, and features uniting efforts to create a buzz for both targets: kids and libraries. Reader Views Kids and the Barefoot Librarian are scheduled to roll out this new service on February 4, 2019. The publicity package includes an expert assessment/review of the picture book, online publicity and news spotlights, social media exposure, advertising in an online magazine/book catalog, and an exclusive author interview.

 When interviewed about the new service, Susan Violante, co-Managing Editor of Reader Views said “Reader Views Kids was founded to offer reviews by kids for kids, as they are the real audience for children’s books. But in reality, librarians are also an important target, as they pick the books for their library audience. We decided that it was time to add librarian reviews to our Reader Views Kids menu, so we partnered up with the Barefoot Librarian, who is the perfect fit for our family.” Co-Managing Editor, Sheri Hoyte added, “It’s long overdue that we teamed up with a librarian to help our awesome children authors get their picture books in libraries, making them accessible to all kids. We are so excited to be working with Eve Panzer, the Barefoot Librarian – she brings a special talent to the table.”

Eve Panzer, the owner of the Barefoot Librarian, is thrilled about joining forces with Reader Views Kids. She said, “This is the perfect pairing! Susan and Sheri bring their vast experience of marketing and publicity, as well as a large community of followers to the partnership. I will bring my prospective as a children’s librarian and my networking channels in the library and educational worlds. Our author clients will truly get a unique and powerful package.”

The best features and areas of expertise from both companies were put together to develop an amazing publicity opportunity for independent picture book authors.

About Reader Views Kids:

Reader Views Kids launched at the end of 2007 as part of Reader Views to fill a need of having children’s books reviewed by kids instead of adults. Reader Views Kids consists of a group of kids ranging from 3-18 years of age. The mission of these bookworms is to read and give their honest opinion on age-appropriate books. Recommended guidelines are followed to make sure their reviews cover the book as a product, however, their voices and opinions are honest and genuine. The younger kids do the reviews with help of their parents, the older ones are seasoned readers in their own right and write their own reviews.

About the Barefoot Librarian:

Eve Panzer is the Barefoot Librarian, an experienced school librarian for kindergarten through eighth grade schools with passion for working with educators in their selection of the best of children’s literature. Holding a Masters of Library Science Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Eve has been a professional in children’s literature since 1999, helping educators to select relevant books that are meaningful to their students.

More information can be found at www.readerviewskids.com and www.barefootlibrarian.com or by contacting Reader Views admin@readerviews.com.   S

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