New Publicity Packages Offer Options for Variety of Needs and Budgets

We have been busy here at Book By Book Publicity! It’s been a long overdue goal to analyze our services to make sure we serve a variety of needs and budgets, and we think we finally got it right! Over the years our customers have been for the most part, an eclectic group of independent authors and small indie/hybrid publishers, from those just venturing into the industry or have already established their platforms.

Needless to say, the diverse needs and budgets we cater to has kept us in marathon mode as we try to accommodate each one. Because of this challenge we have been examining customer feedback in hopes of finding the best way to serve all our clients in a consistent, efficient manner that meets each customer’s needs and deadlines. We did this by keeping the services our customers are used to, adding a few new services, and organizing them in a structure we feel more easily adapts to our assorted community of clients. Below are some tips on how to make the most of our new services:

·         Know what you have: Make a checklist of what you have already done for your platform and book promotion versus what you wish to work on. For example: Do you have the book listed in Amazon, do you have an Amazon Central account, do you have a book video, press release, podcast interview, written interview, etc.? Anything you already have can be complemented, and even used to get better results with our packages.

·         Know what you need: Once you have the list, make sure you know all the details about what you have already done. How long ago was the most recent podcast or written interview? Is your book a new edition of a book published previously? How old is the press release? Do you have upcoming events that can be publicized along with the book through an interview or press release?  Can your book video be used to make an impact on your review page?

·         READ over all the packages thoroughly: We have improved our descriptions to make them easier and faster to read. Make sure you take the time to understand which package contains the best combination for your book, based on what you already have done to promote your title. All packages include a review, and most (with the exception of Packages A and B) include features, which creates additional buzz around the title through our newsletter, and on our website and social media pages.

·         Keep Planning: Think about what you can do next and when to continue the buzz. PR works best when looked at as a campaign and not just as isolated efforts. Plan the campaign for the year by asking us questions on which other services can complement your package and when is the best time to schedule them.

You can check out our new packages by visiting our Services for Authors.

We love hearing from you so let us know what you think or if you have any questions. You can also email us at

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