Letting Book Videos Tell Your Story

Photo by Jaymantri on Pexels.com

As a reviewer I find myself rooting for those special books that allow me to see each scene in my mind run like a film, because it is a very difficult thing to do.  I remember when I came up with the first book video for my first edition, the moderator of my writing group said to me that he wished he could have watched the video before reading the excerpts of my manuscript because it puts everything in perspective. That got me thinking…maybe he is onto something here!

Here are few reasons why we should let book videos tell our stories…

  • A book video highlights what the story is about, much like a movie trailer. The reader has a chance to get a feel for the plot, and even characters, and other information about the book, such as awards received and where to purchase.
  • The audience gets a call for action that is motivated through the sensory information combination (visual, audio, and creative imprints and soundbites) which is designed to linger in the minds of the audience, improving the chances of convincing potential readers to check out the book online.
  • It is the fastest, and most effective way to hook or call attention to a book online and give a lasting first impression, as well as creating expectations for the book.

Hiring a professional…

Having said all of the above, it is vital that a book video is produced by a knowledgeable and skillful video producer who will work with the author to achieve the author’s goals through their creative input as well as technical skills. Even though the author is hiring the video producer for their service, the nature of the relationship should be more like a collaboration to get the desired results.

About us

For more information on how we help authors visit www.bookbybookpublicity.com. To check out our book video service click here.

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