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Susan Violante Managing Editor
Susan Violante
Managing Editor

We have discussed many times about how book videos can benefit a book’s marketing campaign. But we have never talked about what that book video should look like! I don’t mean about what format (video or slide show…narrated or not…). I am talking about the script, the images, the soundtrack. How are we to decide how much to give out, what imagery do we want to create for the setting, the characters…etc., and how much of the story do we want to give up? Below are some tips on how to create a book video that will complement a title’s marketing campaign:

·         Become a reader – Yes, even if you wrote the book, read it. When we have on our author hat or editor hat we might miss details that might hook a reader’s eye. Use what you find to develop a script for the video. By doing this you will avoid just repeating the synopsis behind the book.

·         Play with the point of view of the story. Instead of portraying the story through the narration, have a character tell what the story is about.

·         Don’t decide how much of the story to give away. Begin writing the script, see where that takes you and then pick the story frame that makes sense and matches the time allowance.

·         Whether you chose to use pics or video. Remember, you do not want to substitute the book’s imagery with others that do not match descriptions. So be mindful of setting and characters when choosing pictures and videos. For example, if you are speaking of the White House, don’t chose a picture of the Capitol in Texas…If the main character is a red-head Irish girl, don’t choose just any model with red hair, instead find one that looks Irish!

·         Same thing with soundtrack. If the story is about a rock & roll musician, don’t use a piece of music that sounds country or British rock. Make sure it also matches the setting. If the setting is in the 70s New York, make sure the music takes you there!

·         Make sure color scheme is the same as your cover or illustrations.  

These suggestions might sound somewhat obvious to some, but when you listen to song after song, and look at picture after picture as you search for a match, it’s easy to pick the wrong one because the price was less or maybe we forgot which one was the one we liked before. By creating a script beforehand and jotting a bullet point description of what vision you have as a reader (not as the author), the book video most likely will complement the marketing by establishing an imprint on the audience which might help them decide to check out the book. For more information on how we can help authors visit For more information on our book video series click here.

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