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Susan Violante
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The fall season, in my opinion, is the climax time for books…well here in Austin, TX anyway! School is in full force and schools and libraries are all stocked up and students are reading and writing their book reports. School Book Fairs are happening, and with the coming of the holidays, book signings and book festivals are also feeling the city’s calendar. Fall is definitely literature high season. So what does that mean for readers and writers? Following are some tips on how they can make the most of the season.


·         If you didn’t plan ahead and book your own events or simply do not have anything to promote yet, don’t just sit at home! Participating in an audience at local events is an excellent opportunity to stay current, make connections and learn a tip or two about having your own event.

·         The high season is not just about selling books. There are also many events for writing and polishing your craft! Check out the writing groups and writer’s associations in your area for classes, panel speakers and writing marathons or workshops.

·         Take advantage of the season and attend or participate in open mics to share some of what you are working on. This is an opportunity to find followers!


·         Yup, readers also should plan ahead to make the most of it! Check calendars to look for your favorite authors. Don’t wait to find out they were signing books at your local bookstore and you missed it!

·         New books mean that bookstores need to make space for them on their shelves. Stop by and check out the sales and consider gifting books!

·         Get your visiting favorite author to sign an old book by taking your book to the book signing and buy the new one also. Buy another copy of an older book on sale by the same author to gift or keep.

Whether a writer, a reader or both, fall is here, and the holidays are coming – plan ahead, have fun and make the most of it! For more information on how we help Authors and Readers visit  and

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