This post will address one very simple issue that I see constantly with book cover designs. That issue is simply color. You can pick virtually any color you want for your book cover. Obviously there are certain artistic considerations – you want the color to convey what the book is about, etc., but beyond that feel free to choose any color for your book cover.

Author Interview – Maria L. Ray – Author of “From God to Us”

. I wrote “From God to Us” to tell the story of emotions I have experienced in raising my son. When he was 14 years old he was hit by a car while walking and was placed in a coma. He went through a long and difficult recovery and I always saw him struggling with peer acceptance and self-esteem issues. I tried to reassure him that he was special and loved and that is the message put forth for every child in the book.

Middle Grade for the Middle Aged! (or literally any age – I just wanted a catchy title)

Skyler BoudreauReviewer/Editorial Contributor Anyone who has ever walked into any bookstore or library has seen that rather than allowing the books to roam free and find their own ways to prospective readers, the staff of the respective bookish establishment instead…