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Reader Views is an Austin, Texas, based company. We started in late December 2005 as a book review service.  Shortly after our inception, we extended our services to include a variety of services for authors such as book publicity services, editing, author interviews, literary book awards, as well as coaching.

Reader Views Kids


Reader Views Kids launched in early 2007. This came from the realization that adults write the kids books, adults decide which kids books are to be published, and then adults end up reviewing the books. Something was wrong with this picture! So, we gathered up a team of kids and here we are.

Inside Scoop Live

One effective and popular way of reaching your reading audience is through internet radio interviews.  Since people have less time to read, yet want more information, why not give them the opportunity to “hear” about your book.

Listen to our latest episodes:

First Chapter Plus

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Introducing Books to Libraries, Bookstores, Media, Reviewers, Bloggers, and Readers. First Chapter Plus publishes and distributes a monthly e-catalog, which includes the first chapters of print and digital books, and mp3 clips of audio books plus all the essential information. Let us expose your current or upcoming book to our interested subscribers.

Annual Literary Awards

The Reader Views Reviewers Choice Annual Literary Awards program was established to honor writers who self-published or had their books published by a subsidy publisher, small press, university press, or independent book publisher. Each entry comes with a complimentary review as well as promotion on our blogs, social media sites and in our newsletter.

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