“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Reader Views. My book was awarded Reviewers Choice Award 2019 which was such an honor and helped immensely with my marketing plan as I shared it on my website and social media. I had my first ever interview with the lovely Sheri Hoyte on Inside Scoop Live which was amazingly professional and friendly at the same time, putting my nerves at ease. I highly recommend using both Reader Views and Book by Book Publicity to promote your book. I look forward to working with them again when my next book is ready. Thank you for everything!”

— Michelle Peach
Author of Gazelle in the Shadows

IdiAndTheOraclesQuest“I had a good experience with Reader Views.  I love that my book was actually reviewed by a teenager and working with them was easy. I look forward to getting more books reviewed by Reader Views.”
–Tracy Traynor

SellingtoChina“It was great working with Reader Views, and they did a great job promoting the book. Interviews were done professionally, the reviews were expertly written, and everything was published in a timely manner.  I’m looking to forward to working with Reader Views when my next book comes out next year.”

— Stanley Chao

DreamBig“I have absolutely loved my experience working with Readers Views. They are professional, thoughtful, and thorough with every detail. They exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend them.”

Kat Kronenberg

Polygonsters“I just received the sweetest review for Polygonsters from a young 5-year-old reader named Russ. Just darling. This aspect of the Readers Views Kids services is invaluable. For my genre, it is sometimes hard to connect directly with the target reader because it is the parents/adults who are the buyers/decision-makers. For me, professional comments/reviews are great but the comments from the kids are what it’s all about. Also, it doesn’t hurt that my first two books were just as well received with awards!!’

A Consequence of Greed“Reliable branding. Over the past decade, Reader Views, unlike many so-called PR ‘services,’ has provided me with reliable support:  from informative, comprehensive reviews, to impactful, creative press releases.  All have helped me forge a consistent personal ‘brand’ as I relaunch my American Drama Series.  I’m in it for the long haul!”

–Jack Eadon


“I’ve enjoyed working with Reader Views with my books. They have helped reach new readers by promoting awards and giveaways. I would recommend Reader Views for anyone that writes or reads books.”

–Donna M. Zadunajsky

TooMuchJunkInMyTrunk“I must say I am so glad to have participated in First Chapter Plus, Book by Book Publicity, and Reader Views and the Literary Awards program they have.  It was such a pleasure working with Sheri on my first live interview, which was my first experience with Reader Views.  The interview went fabulous and Sheri made me so comfortable, I was really impressed myself when it was released.  The interview was used over and over in my marketing efforts and has been very effective.  My placement in First Chapter Plus has exposed me to librarians who are very impressed with my books and I love Susan’s wonderful newsletters that are always enlightening with her editorials!  She is always teaching me some tidbits that I learn from with each newsletter.  I am grateful to Reader Views also for honoring my 3 books in their Literary Awards, adding to my accolades for my award-winning series (12 x thus far), which has been so well received by the industry as well as the public.  Reader Views should be part of every author’s marketing strategy!  Thanks to Susan and Sheri for all your hard work and all those at Reader Views for bringing my characters of Zealy and Whubba into the spotlight!  Keep up the great work!”

–Roe De Pinto

MyLittleAngel“I have entered the Reader Views Literary Awards Reviewer’s Choice program each year since I discovered the program in 2012 when The Magic Word won a 2nd place award. This has been followed each consecutive year with Gimme-Jimmy a  2013 HM, Manner-Man a 2014 Gold, My Fingerpaint Masterpiece a 2015 HM, Mice & Spiders & Webs…Oh My! a 2016 HM, and The Golden Rule a 2017 2nd place. I hope that My Little Angel will do as well!  The Awards themselves are great for marketing, but the way that this Awards Program is especially meaningful is that they use children to review the books.  A child reviewer is very unique since they evaluate the book’s appeal to actual children…the readers!!  Reader Views also provides excellent marketing services in addition to their Awards Program.”

ARingOfTruth“Working with Reader Views was an amazingly professional experience. They offered great feedback on my novel—nice, long reviews about what they really liked about the book, not just a couple of lines.  And communication with them was also spot-on.  They answered any questions very quickly and with a real, personal touch.  I would highly recommend their services!”

–Michelle Cox